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Saffron is an beautiful spice with an illustrious previous. It is a triple play on the senses. Saffrons honey-tinged odor, distinctive taste and intense colour are simply infused into quite a lot of dishes. There’s really nothing prefer it and completely no substitute for it.

Why is saffron the costliest spice? There aren’t any fashionable shortcuts to its harvest. Fifty to seventy-five thousand flowers are wanted to provide one pound. Intense handbook labor is concerned in extracting the three stigma in every flower over the course of 1 or two weeks, because the flowers bloom and earlier than they wilt.

Intimidated by its worth many go away it out or do not prepare dinner recipes that decision for this spice. Truly, so little is required in anybody recipe that, per dish, it will possibly impart unique taste with little effort or expense. Nevertheless, if you decide up a bottle on the grocery retailer you’re getting extra buy saffron than you want and no proof of its high quality. The spice connoisseurs could also be able to depend on their refined sense of sight, style and odor however the common shopper wants requirements.

Saffron High quality

Saffron high quality is graded based on laboratory measurements. The Worldwide Requirements Group (ISO) established a uniform set of requirements for grading – ISO 3632. The defining traits of crocin (colour), picrocrocin (taste), and safranal (perfume) content material are evaluated. Mainly a photospectometry report by licensed labs will give the saffron pattern a grade relying on the colour. Deeper saturated colour is a sign of intense perfume, and full taste.

The grades vary from lower than 80 (for all class IV ) as much as 190 or higher (for class I). The worlds very most interesting saffron (the red-maroon ideas of stigmas picked from the best flowers) obtain scores round 250 levels of colour energy. Market costs observe instantly from these ISO scores. You get what you pay for. Class I normally has colour energy of solely 190 levels.

Sadly, most retailers have no idea the standard of the spice they promote. They presume that every one saffron is created equal. Till you discover a respected seller it’s best to purchase within the smallest amount obtainable. It ought to be saved away from gentle and shielded from humidity. If potential search for deep coloured stigma with little or no or no lighter coloured strands. A boring purple colour can typically be an indication of age.

Cooking with saffron

Saffron has an uncommon and unmistakable perfume, typically described as “hay-like”. Use it with a lightweight hand if you prepare dinner so that you simply expertise its bitter- candy earthiness. Be warned that an excessive amount of will render a dish bitter. The yellow/orange colour that it imparts on different substances makes it spectacular in dishes which might be predominantly white, reminiscent of rice and cream sauces. When one of the best saffron is used within the right proportions it lends its magnificence to a mess of substances (seafood, meat, greens, rice and grains) and may also take a easy spice mix and elevate it. Attempt including slightly to curry powder, garam masala or a moroccan seasoning to take it from unusual to extraordinary. It combines properly with garlic, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla, tomatoes and potatoes. The cuisines of India, the Mediterranean, the Center East, Morocco and Spain all use saffron of their biggest regional dishes. Spanish Paella eloquently highlights the spice’s affinity with rice and seafood.


The next recipes are easy and assist you to get to know saffron. A fast word on its use…
When utilizing saffron threads, plan to steep them for five minutes in one thing scorching, acidic or alcoholic, whichever ingredient is within the recipe. Don’t attempt to steep in oil as it is just water soluble. The steeping course of extracts the aroma, taste and colour in order that it may be evenly distributed via a dish.

In case you use saffron with colour energy above 220, it will likely be extra concentrated, so use rather less than a recipe requires. At all times keep away from utilizing an excessive amount of.

Saffron Vanilla Lassi/Smoothie (serves 4)

Sugar Syrup
4 TBSP water
4 TBSP sugar

2 TBSP water
Pinch of saffron threads
3 cups vanilla yogurt

Make the sugar syrup by dissolving the sugar in 4 TBSP of water in a small saucepan over medium warmth or in a microwave-safe bowl, within the microwave for 45 seconds. Take away and let the syrup cool.

Heat the remaining 2 TBSP of water. Place in a small bowl after which add the saffron. Let this steep for five minutes.
In a big bowl whisk the yogurt. Add the sugar syrup and saffron water. Whisk to mix. Serve instantly over ice.

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