Tennis Court Resurfacers: Acrylic Resurfacer Vs Asphalt-Based Emulsions

All through time, all industries evolve and make modifications as wanted. That is important to continued enchancment and high quality. Within the tennis courtroom surfacing business there’s nonetheless debate on when and why to make use of Acrylics solid surface sheet factory resurfacer (AR) or asphalt emulsions (AE). In a nutshell, acrylic resurfacer is superior in each manner and is newer know-how in the case of sport surfacing techniques. Listed here are some comparative information on every:

    • Acrylic Resurfacer can droop 15 to 16 lbs of sand, per gallon. A resurfacers’ major job is to fill voids in pavement and to realize a texture on current easy surfaces. This contributes to the general consistency of the ultimate enjoying floor and the longevity of the coloured surfaces.
    • Asphalt Emulsions can solely droop 5 to six lbs of sand, per gallon. It might take 3 coats of an AE to supply the identical filling capability as Acrylic Resurfacer.
    • Asphalt emulsions comprise fillers that soak up moisture, which might trigger swelling and weak point within the coating layer. This could result in early failure and delamination, particularly throughout instances of freezing. If used over a elegant, current acrylic floor, the asphalt layers have a higher tendency to soak up elevated quantities of moisture that transfer by way of the coats at a slower fee.
    • It is strongly recommended that asphalt emulsions are rolled after software to realize density.
    • Acrylic Resurfacers don’t require rolling
    • Each Asphalt and Acrylic Resurfacers require a minimal asphalt curing interval of 14 days (beneath prime curing circumstances), previous to software. Nevertheless, 30 days are beneficial to make sure full curing, particularly throughout instances of the yr when curing circumstances will not be preferrred.
    • Asphalt Emulsions have to remedy for twenty-four hours previous to software of acrylic colour coatings.
    • Acrylic Resurfacer may be coated with acrylic colour when dry.
  • Asphalt Emulsions are temperature delicate and change into comfortable beneath excessive warmth circumstances. This may end up in acrylic coating tears on sizzling days. AE can even change into brittle beneath chilly durations, whereas Acrylics are very steady beneath quite a lot of temperature and climate circumstances.

The preliminary price financial savings of utilizing asphalt-based emulsions as a tennis courtroom resurfacer are enticing, however after weighing the long-term choices, many see the worth and financial savings of staying with 100% acrylic coatings all through all layers. No courtroom proprietor or contractor needs to undergo the nightmare of coping with sheets of delaminating coatings and the price of having to take away the whole coating system again right down to the pavement.


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